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Kickstart Your New Year with Barre Classes
women sitting after barre at home workout
Whether it was an injury, your career, or just life getting in the way. Your health hasn’t been a priority for a while.

Barre Fix’s home-based everybody personal training makes it easy to shake off muscle pain, build strength and feel your best, all from the comfort of your own home!

Did you know?
Clearly, self-care is important.

But if you’re like most women, you’ve been raised to take care of others first. I know, I was, and it seems like the right thing to do.

Additionally, a guilty feeling is associated with taking time for yourself before being there for those who depend on you.

Trying to fit anything new into your busy day, let alone feel better, is nearly impossible when juggling family, career, friends, and community.

Self-care is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation.

Everyone knows this to be true. Yet finding time is hard.

Women stretching after workout
Barre Fix was created to help the body recover and start moving pain-free again.
women stretching back working out barre
YES to any of these questions?
Barre Fix is for you!


Do you physically active for less than 30 minutes 5 days per week?

Do you break out in hives whenever you think about going to the gym?

Do you feel like it’s time to start living healthier but don’t know how to do it and feel overwhelmed?

Do you want the best results that conventional fitness methods cannot provide as quickly as possible?

Discover the time-saving magic of custom workouts


Do you occasionally experience pain caused by old injuries?

Are you enjoying outdoor social gatherings but avoiding them lately because of muscle or joint pain?

Do you exercise, but post-workout muscle pain stops you from falling asleep and getting comfortable in bed?

Are you a fan of barre, pilates, or yoga workouts but avoid doing them regularly because the pain from old injuries resurfaces?

Explore Barre Fix Intro Offer

Getting personal training can be INTIMIDATING and even OVERWHELMING at times, but this is where the magic happens.


With a deep understanding of your GOALS and NEEDS, we can curate workout programs that are truly tailored to you.

Let us help you fit sessions into your busy schedule while guiding you toward your fitness goals.

And imagine...

waking up every morning full of energy and ready to face the world! 

Now is the time to make life-changing decisions. It won't be a quick fix this time.

Because let's be honest. You tried every diet in the book, but none of them stuck. You've spent hours at the gym throughout the years without seeing results. Not to mention that those fitness apps are so confusing.

Here is my solution!


To be successful this time, you need to be extra clear about where your priorities are. I am here to help you reach your goals with a sustainable plan.


We’re all creatures of habit. For many of us, our morning routine is our strongest routine, so that’s a great place to stack on a new habit.


People often go to extremes to accomplish these goals, resulting in burnout, failure, or injury. In light of this, let's ditch the unrealistic, extreme goals and aim to include health and fitness as part of our everyday lives to improve our overall well-being.

Women practicing yoga
Women stretching on yoga mat to stay fexiable


I’m out of shape.

That’s the best reason to start. Everyone needs to start somewhere and build up strength and mobility. Give yourself time to reconnect with your body; our job is to create workouts that match what your body can handle.

I hated my last trainer!

I’m sorry you had a bad experience in the past. I can assure you that there are hundreds of good trainers for every lousy trainer.


How are we different from the rest of the gyms? We use our intake process to get to know you and provide you with information so that when the time comes for you to decide, you'll know you're in good hands.

What if I fail?

Starting new commitments is scary. We encourage all our clients to build a support system to keep them on track.


Although we will make every effort to make sure you succeed, we cannot guarantee it. Still, we can help you understand whether your mindset and lifestyle match your goals. 

I’m afraid of looking stupid/ I’m too old

Hiring a personal trainer and switching up your exercise routine can be awkward. No more hiding in the back row ;)


It puts you in a vulnerable position where your body will have a lot of reactions to physical activities that could leave you feeling uncomfortable. The truth is, your trainer doesn't care how sweaty, stinky or uncoordinated you are.


No need to do an arabesque (yet). A quick 20-minute call is all it will take to see how I can solve some of your biggest struggles. Virtual coffee or tea on me!

Home: About Me
Women working out at home on yga mat


The Easiest, Fastest, and Most FUN Way to Get (And Stay) FIT!

Hi! I’m Vena - a personal trainer for women who need more flexibility. 

And if there’s anyone who gets what you’re going through – it’s me. I spent decades exploring every fad diet and workout routine you can think of without seeing any results. 

As a mom of three, my body goals fell further out the window with every child I had.


From hormonal imbalances to postpartum depression and a complete lack of time to prioritize myself, it felt like I would never again see the old self I once knew. 

You know this feeling when you crush your body in a workout, but the next day you are in so much pain that you feel like you might die?


Yeah. That’s why I developed Barre Fix.​

I figured there had to be a better way. And guess what? There was. BARRE changed my entire life, and I can’t wait to help YOU say the same!


My balanced fitness program is hands-on and dedicated, with regular check-ins to make sure you never veer off track.

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