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Embrace Change, Embrace Strength


Barre with Vena –  Empowering Women to Break Free from Pain, Rediscover Strength, and Tackle Stress Eating With Fully Personalized Meal Plans that Address Your Unique Doubts

Where it All Began

As a busy mom, managing life's demands while wrestling with stress eating and a hectic schedule was my daily struggle. The need for a practical solution to combat health issues and still care for others weighed heavily. Frustrated by fad diets and ineffective workouts, I yearned for relief.

G.U.I.D.E to Thrive was born out of this struggle—a concise, effective solution forged from familiar pain points. It's not just a method; it's your escape from the challenges, guiding you toward lasting wellness.


I’m no mathematician, but I’ve discovered the threefold formula behind the perfectly balanced fitness program


The missing piece in most workouts? 


A destructive mindset. I understand the power of shifting your thinking, and I'm here to guide you through the transformation.



We recognize that everyone's journey is unique. At Barre with Vena, we tailor your routine to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. No 5 am wake-ups required – unless that's your preference!


Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, or just be able to make it up the stairs without gasping for air, your goals matter.


Together, we'll chart your path from where you are now to where you want to be.

Introducing G.U.I.D.E to Thrive

At Barre with Vena, we follow the G.U.I.D.E to Thrive method:

  • G: Goal Setting

Define your aspirations, and let's create a roadmap to achieve them

  • U: Understanding Roots

Uncover the core of your fitness journey – what drives you and what holds you back​

  • I: Individual Lifestyle Analysis

Your lifestyle is unique, and so should be your workout. We tailor a Barre routine that complements your schedule and preferences​

  • D: Design Sustainable Habits
    We don't just aim for temporary changes; we design habits that stand the test of time

  • E: Execute for the Ultimate Award

It's time to put the plan into action. With guidance and commitment, your ultimate award awaits

Barre with Vena is for EVERY woman,  whether you're a burpee enthusiast or a barbell novice. Your fitness goals are within reach – all you need to do is invest in yourself.
Join us on this transformative journey.
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